Southeastern biogeochemistry Symposium (SBS)


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The Southeastern Biogeochemistry Symposium, founded by Jen Glass in 2014, is a unique opportunity for students and post docs from the southeast to convene and present their latest research in an informal, supportive, and welcoming environment.

The 1.5-day weekend symposium is focused on promoting leadership in research and networking by the southeastern early career biogeochemistry community. Faculty are encouraged to attend with their research groups. Students and postdocs give all presentations, with the exception of the keynote address.

Registration is free and open to all fields related to biogeochemistry, including geobiology, ecology, environmental engineering, geochemistry, microbiology, biochemistry, geology, oceanography, and astrobiology.

The annual spring Symposium starts with a Friday night mixer, followed by a Saturday morning keynote address, Saturday afternoon and Sunday morning talks and and poster presentations, and a mid-Sunday awards ceremony with cash prizes for best graduate student talks and posters.

The primary sponsor is the Agouron Institute, with additional support provided by the host university and associated institutes.

SBS’14 and SBS’15 were organized by GT grad students and chaired by Jen Glass.

SBS’16 was organized by UTK grad students and chaired by Karen Lloyd.

SBS’17 was organized by UGA grad students and chaired by Mandy Joye.

SBS’18 was organized by FSU grad students and chaired by Bill Landing.

SBS’19 was organized by USC grad students and co-chaired by Susan Lang and Lori Ziolkowski.

SBS’20 (virtual) was organized by GT grad students and chaired by Jen Glass.

SBS’21 (virtual) was organized by UTK grad students and chaired by Jill Mikucki.

SBS’22 is being organized by GSU grad students and co-chaired by Daniel Gebregiorgis and Nadine Kabengi.

Please contact Jen Glass ( if your university is interested in hosting future SBS symposia.


William (Bill) Schlesinger, Cary Institute of Ecosystem Studies (2014)

Ann Pearson, Harvard University (2015)

Samantha (Mandy) Joye, University of Georgia (2016)

Jenn Macalady, Pennsylvania State University (2017)

Susan Lang, University of South Carolina (2018)

Jennifer (Jen) Glass, Georgia Institute of Technology (2019)

Karen Lloyd, University of Tennessee Knoxville (2020)

Rika Anderson, Carleton College (2021)

SBS 2014 Organizing Committee

SBS 2015 Organizing Committee

SBS 2016 Organizing Committee

Jordan Bird

Joy Buongiorno

April Mitchell

Hannah Woo

Link to 2016 abstract book

SBS 2017 Organizing Committee

Hilde Oliver

Maite Gahzaleh

Mary Katherine Rogener

Frank Xavier Ferrer-Gonzalez

Jazon Westrich

Andy Montgomery

Ryan Sibert

Link to 2017 abstract book

SBS 2018 Organizing Committee

Chelsea Bowman

Lauren Campbell

Thomas Kelly

Nur Ahmed

Kelly McCabe

Rachel Petet

Link to 2018 abstract book

SBS 2019 Organizing Committee

Brian Duggan

Jessica Frankle

Eilea Knotts

Kelly McCabe

Caitlyn Sarno

Natalie Tyler

Link to 2019 abstract book

Artwork for SBS’18 (FSU) by Sam Walton

SBS 2020 Organizing Committee

Abigail Johnson

Erin Castorina

Drake Lee-Patterson

Pan Liu

Tianze Song

Link to 2020 abstract book

SBS 2021 Organizing Committee

Sarina Mitchell

Jake Shaffer

Lovell Smith

Caleb Schuler

Elise Phillips

Bruce Boles

Link to 2021 abstract book